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This page describes installation of OptalCP.


You need Node.js and npm installed (npm is bundled with Node.js). You can check if you have them installed by running:

node --version
npm --version

Download OptalCP

You can download OptalCP from here. Please chose the file depending on your platform.

Install OptalCP on Windows

On a Windows machine, you can install OptalCP by running the installer. The installer will install OptalCP and it will ask whether to add OptalCP to the PATH environment variable.

Install OptalCP on Linux or macOS

On a Linux or macOS machine, you can install OptalCP by running the following commands:

tar -zxvf optalcp-<version>.tar.gz

where <version> is the version of OptalCP you downloaded. This will create a subdirectory optalcp-<version> in the current directory and extract the contents of the tarball into it.

Testing the installation

The installation contains a directory examples with jobshop-la17.js file. To run the example, run the following commands in the examples directory:

npm install
node jobshop-la17.js

The first command initializes node modules. The second command runs the example. If optalcp is not in the PATH then you may need to specify the path on the command line:

node jobshop-la17.js --solverPath ../bin/optalcp

Next steps

You can now start using OptalCP. See also Setting up for how to setup a Node.js project with OptalCP.