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Type alias: SolveSummary

Ƭ SolveSummary: Object

A value emitted by Solver as summary event at the end of the solve. The information includes the number of solutions found, the total duration of the solve, the number of branches, fails, propagations, restarts, etc.


Type declaration

cpustringThe CPU name detected by the solver. A string such as "AMD Ryzen 9 5950X".
durationnumberThe total duration of the solve (measured by the server).
lowerBound?ObjectiveValueLower bound of the objective: the solver proved that there isn't any solution with a better objective value than the lower bound. If no such bound was proved then undefined.
memoryUsednumberMemory used during the solve (in bytes).
nbBranchesnumberThe total number of branches during the solve.
nbConstraintsnumberThe total number of constraints in the input model.
nbFailsnumberThe total number of fails during the solve.
nbIntervalVarsnumberThe total number of interval variables in the input model.
nbLNSStepsnumberThe total number of propagations during the solve.
nbRestartsnumberThe total number of restarts during the solve.
nbSolutionsnumberNumber of solutions found during the solve.
nbWorkersnumberNumber of workers (CPU threads) used during the solve.
objective?ObjectiveValueObjective value of the best solution found. If no solution was found then undefined.
objectiveSense"minimize" | "maximize" | undefinedWhether the objective was to minimize, maximize or no objective was given.
proofbooleanWhether the solve ended by a proof (of optimality or infeasibility).
solverstringThe solver used for solving. A string such as "OptalCP 1.0.0".