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OptalCP is ScheduleOpt's scheduling engine

OptalCP is
  • Fast :  OptalCP is most of the time faster than IBM ILOG CP Optimizer on classical benchmark like jobshops, rcpsp, etc. Check our benchmark page to see the results of OptalCP.
  • Familiar :OptalCP uses the same modeling concepts as modern CP scheduling papers, and CPO. You can even write a scheduling model in OptalCP, export it to a .cpo file and run it in CPO. Check our tutorial to learn more about the modeling concepts used in OptalCP.
  • Friendly : With its JavaScript modeling layer built on top of NodeJS, integrating OptalCP in a JavaScript client-server application is simple and easy. Check our examples of JavaScript integration in our documentation.
OptalCP is currently available for download with a non-commercial license.

Feel free to contact us for commercial use of the engine, scientific collaborations, teaching, updating our benchmarks, consulting, or just to tell us what you think about our software.