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Type alias: BenchmarkParameters

Ƭ BenchmarkParameters: Parameters & { dontOutputSolutions?: boolean ; exportDomains?: string ; exportJS?: string ; exportJSON?: string ; exportTxt?: string ; log?: string ; maxObjective?: number ; minObjective?: number ; nbParallelRuns?: number ; nbSeeds?: number ; output?: string ; result?: string ; solve?: boolean ; summary?: string }

Extension of Parameters that can be used to parameterize function benchmark.

The parameters are the same as in Parameters with some additions that control the behavior of function benchmark. In particular, there are parameters that allow to store the output in file(s), run the model multiple times with multiple seeds, etc.

Parameters can be also parsed from command line arguments using function parseBenchmarkParameters or parseSomeBenchmarkParameters.

Filename patterns

Some parameters can specify a filename pattern. Patterns allows to generate a unique file name for each benchmark run. The pattern is a string that can contain the following placeholders:

  • {name} - the name of the model (see Model.setName). If the model name is not set (it is undefined) then a unique name is generated.
  • {seed} - the seed used for the run. Useful especially in combination with nbSeeds parameter.
  • {flat_name} - the name of the model with all characters '/' replaced by '_'.