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Type alias: PropagationResult

PropagationResult: {"domains": "infeasible" | "limit" | ModelDomains;"duration": number;"memoryUsed": number;"nbConstraints": number;"nbIntervalVars": number; }

Result of constraint propagation (see propagate).

This object contains the result of constraint propagation: variable domains, duration of the propagation, number of variables etc.

The propagation can also recognize that the model is infeasible. In this case the property is set to "infeasible". The propagation can also finish by a limit, in this case is set to "limit".

Type declaration


domains: "infeasible" | "limit" | ModelDomains

Variable domains after propagation (see ModelDomains). If the model is infeasible then this property is set to "infeasible". If the propagation was stopped because of a limit (in particular time limit) then this property is set to "limit".


duration: number

Duration of the propagation in seconds.


memoryUsed: number

The amount of memory used by solver for propagation. In bytes.


nbConstraints: number

Number of constraints in the input model.


nbIntervalVars: number

Number of interval variables in the input model.