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Type alias: SolveResult

SolveResult: SolveSummary & {"bestLBTime": number;"bestSolution": Solution;"bestSolutionTime": number;"bestSolutionValid": true;"lowerBoundHistory": LowerBoundEvent[];"objectiveHistory": ObjectiveHistoryItem[]; }

The result of function solve. It contains all information from SolveSummary such as the best solution found and some statistics about the search. In addition, it contains the best solution found, the history of the objective values etc.

Type declaration


optional bestLBTime: number

The time of the last (i.e. the best) lower bound change.


optional bestSolution: Solution

Best (i.e. the last) solution found. When no solution was found then undefined.


optional bestSolutionTime: number

The time when the best solution was found. Could be undefined.


optional bestSolutionValid: true

Whether bestSolution was verified. The value could be only true or undefined depending on parameter Parameters.verifySolutions.


lowerBoundHistory: LowerBoundEvent[]

A history of lower bound. Every item of the array contains a lower-bound and a time when it was proved.


objectiveHistory: ObjectiveHistoryItem[]

The history of objective values. Each item of the array contains an objective value of a solution found and the time when it was found.